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-YRX- Evil Clown DrumStep -YRX- Evil Clown DrumStep

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Nice, but some things...

The idea is here, but the execution could be made a little more smooth. First off, the intro is epic. Far too epic for the drop that you have coming eventually, and what BPM is this?

The drums you have coming in around 1:04 sound very sloppy. The song seems like it's about to drop into something that never comes.

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YouriX responds:

I did nothing to the drums around 1:04 except adding some Hihats. So i dont understand the sloppyness your talking about.

Maybe you where expecting the generic WUBWUB drop like any other Dubnut. But i like trying new things and divide myself from the generic Dubstep scene.

Wait For It (WIP) Wait For It (WIP)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty good

Yeah its pretty cool... but there are a lot of things that could be easily improved. First off, the drums. They are not full enough to give the song a good swing and flow. Your snare is too bland, you should add some reverb and spread as well as maybe another layer. The kick is not punchy enough but you can easily fix that. Add some hats across the bars and play with the velocity to create ramps that add a lot to the music.

Right now I'm using some sub par speakers so I can't really detect any sub bass so I'm not sure if you used any, but if you didn't, layering your wobble and creating drop-outs is a great way to make things sound a lot "bigger".

The idea is here, though, and with some refinement you could have a real winner here. Also the intro is way too long, make it less than 48 bars. 32 is the standard for an intro, but seriously, fuck the standards.

Cheers, and check out my stuff

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TuRdz responds:

Thanks for the helpful feedback! :)

{RD2011} Mecha Marauder {RD2011} Mecha Marauder

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty sweet

You used the same pneumatics noises as heard in Hydraulic by Datsik. Because it sounds exactly like that. Also, the pre-drop sample was featured in another song but I can't remember which. The drop was pretty dirty though. Originality is the key to success.

alextheDJ responds:

Actually, I found the sample on and used it in my song before I knew Datsik used it in his song. A lot of big artists get samples from there. At least I used the sample kind of in the background unlike Datsik, who blatantly slapped it in without any other instrument or sample to accompany it.

I try to keep my songs as original as possible, including this song. Just because one sample was also used by a big dubstep artist doesn't mean this song lacks originality.

Also, originality, unfortunately, is not always the key to success. There are TONS of songs, in Electronic music and all other genres, that rip off other songs and are still very popular. For example, in his song "Body Shot", Tantrum Desire ripped off the Sherlock Holmes theme and the song, if I recall correctly, was pretty popular amongst Drum n' Bass fans. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this is OK to do because it's definitely not. However, in this case, I did not rip off any song(s).

So, just think about it more before you go around pointing out what samples people used. In fact, instead of doing that, how about give people some constructive criticism instead? That's a much better thing to do. :)